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account_date_check module

Account Date Check Add a boolean field on journals:"Allow date not in the period" By default, this field is checked true. If this field is not checked true, the system will check that if the date is in the current period when you create an account entry. Otherwise, It will generate an error message: "The date of your account move is not in the defined period !".

Account Analytic Plans

account_analytic_plans Module to fulfill requirements for multiple-plans in analytic accounting Currently, an invoice can create only one analytic entry from defined analytic account in invoice line. The goal of this module is to allow several analytic plans, According to the journal, So that multiple analytic lines will be created when an invoice will be confirmed. Second goal is to allow creating automatic analytic entries when writing general entries manually through: Finance > Entries > By Journal. For example, the analytic structure: Projects Project 1 SubProj 1.1 SubProj 1.2 Project 2 Salesman Eric Fabien Here, we can have two plans: Projects and Salesman. An invoice line will write analytic entries in the 2 plans: SubProj 1.1 and Fabien. The amount will also be splitted, example: Plan1: SubProject 1.1 : 50% SubProject 1.2 : 50% Plan2: Eric: 100% So when this line of invoice will be confirmed it will generate 3 analytic lines. sale_analytic_plans This module