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Serpent Consulting Services : How to change label of any field

For any implementation there is a need for changing field labels based on customer's jargon. Here we put a video for how we can change label of any field from web client very quickly.

Multi Image Lightbox widget for OpenERP

Dear Community, OpenERP Version 6.1 release is touch short and we are happy to announce that we have made a widget for multiple images to be seen as a lightbox just like Facebook and other websites show them on browsers. Images will be fetched and uploaded on any FTP, Amazon S3 or any other server. Please check video for more details. Visit SerpentCS for more details.

Product Attribute Demo

Just configuring a system for one of our client and thought to share this very useful module demo with the community. Product attribute is useful when we have many products with different attribute set. Using product_attribute module we can define many attributes with different data type and make groups of attributes and assign to products. Using generalized search we can search on all attributes and search products. Please have a look at the video.

Access rights gathering for ERP Implementation

Documents CRM User Salesman Sales Manager Warehouse User Warehouse Manager Accountant Account Manager Purchase User Purchase Manager Administrator Customers create update delete view products create update delete view sale order create update delete view purchase order create up