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attrs attribute on field, group, page, button tag

The new attrs attribute can be used to dynamically change other attributes of view components based on the value of other fields. It's somewhat similar to states attribute, but it will executed at client side only. < form string="Some Form" > < notebook > < page string="Main" attrs="{'': [('state','=','done')]}"> < field name="name" attrs="{'required': [('state','=','draft')], 'readonly': [('state','=','open')]}"/> < field name="active"/> < field name="state"/> < group attrs="{'invisible': [('active', '=',0),('state','=','draft')]}"> some code < /group> < /page> < /notebook> < /form> Readonly/Required attributes works on field tag visibility is supported on b

Spell check functionality on textview widget

Added spell check functionality on textview widget in Development version of GTK client.It will set language according to locale of the system.