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How to Do Requirement Gathering(SRS)

Follow these steps while do requirement gathering. 1> Take overview of business model/process from client. (Let him speak everything first and note down the questions if you have any). 2> After Overview clear your questions. 3> Ask about current system (Manual/Computerized Solution) 4> Collect all Input sources of the system. (Input forms/ Screenshots if computerized system exist) 5> Responsible for each input forms and hierarchy of approval. 6> Collect required outputs of the system. 7> Responsible to generate outputs and Entities to use those outputs. 8> Number of users going to use the system and volume of data per day. Qualification of users. Are the users are knowledgeable enough to operate ERP? 9> Design workflow or business process and define responsible and conditions on each transitions. 10> Create SRS(System Requirement Specification) For Functional Flow delivered in final system with Flow chart, Use Case diagram.