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Balance Sheet & Profit and Loss Report

New Report in l10n_fr module prints Balance Sheet & Profit and Loss. You can run it from Financial Management>Reporting>Balance Sheet & Profit and Loss. The wizard asks for Fiscal year, company name and ALL or Posted Entries then print Balance sheet. Here is how the report looks like. The report is copyright by Vincent Cardon, Denis Cardon and Emmanuel Richard Ingenieur fondateur Tranquil IT Systems

Google Map Launcher

New module in extra_addons named google_map. This module adds launch google map button in partner contact form which will calculate google maps url from partners' address and open it in your default browser. New action in GTK Client ir.actions.act_url new action type added in gtk client which will open url in system's default browser. Example: return { 'type': 'ir.actions.act_url', 'url': '', 'target': 'new' }