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20 Things Every CIO Should Know Before Starting an ERP Implementation

1. ERP is about your business, not the technology. 2. ERP initiatives are very challenging. 3. Selecting the right software is the first step in a successful ERP implementation. 4. No ERP software is perfect. All have their strengths, weaknesses, and tradeoffs. 5. A business blueprint is the second step to an effective ERP implementation. 6. Business process re-engineering should happen before, not after, you implement your ERP software. 7. ERP software best practices and pre-configured solutions do not solve all the challenges of ERP. 8. SaaS ERP won’t eliminate all of your risks, either. 9. Your project will fail without adequate organizational change management. 10. Executive buy-in and support is critical to ERP success. 11. The “A-Team” is critical to ERP success. 12. There is no “one size fits all” ERP strategy. 13. If your operations and ERP system are misaligned, it’s probably not the software’s fault. 14. Expectations are high, but most ERP implementations don’t

change_default attribute

Use of change_default attribute. Example. 'zip': fields.char('Zip', change_default=True, size=24), By default value of change_default is False, If change_default=True then while setting default value on any field we can make that field dependent on value of the other field of the same object which has change_default=True. Here is the video to explain the functionality.