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Valentine Special tips.

Some truth about love, What I think about Love: If you love someone, Don't love her good things only, love her bad things too. Make your lover your best friend. Share everything with her, love forever. Don't compare your love with anyone. Love has no reason, Love her for no reason. Love her badly, Do anything to make her smile. Today on lunch break me any my friends left for lunch at 1:15 pm. We have seen lots of couples on road side, giving gifts to each other, flowers, kissing, hugging and love in the air. I felt that most of them have no idea about how to propose how to offer a gift. we have seen : offering gifts and flower with carry bag. (You should give gift not a carry bag too) roadside is not the place to propose. sit on knee on road will not give you atmosphere to make proposal and feeling of love. The perfect atmosphere to propose is: Soft instrumental music, candle lights, soft toys, balloons. have some dance with your partner. prop