How to Do Requirement Gathering(SRS)

Follow these steps while do requirement gathering.
1> Take overview of business model/process from client. (Let him speak everything first and note down the questions if you have any).
2> After Overview clear your questions.
3> Ask about current system (Manual/Computerized Solution)
4> Collect all Input sources of the system. (Input forms/ Screenshots if computerized system exist)
5> Responsible for each input forms and hierarchy of approval.
6> Collect required outputs of the system.
7> Responsible to generate outputs and Entities to use those outputs.
8> Number of users going to use the system and volume of data per day. Qualification of users. Are the users are knowledgeable enough to operate ERP?
9> Design workflow or business process and define responsible and conditions on each transitions.
10> Create SRS(System Requirement Specification) For Functional Flow delivered in final system with Flow chart, Use Case diagram.
Things Included in SRS.
  • Introduction of the system
  • Technicality
    • OpenERP Version
    • Module name
    • licencing terms
    • Author
  • Functional Points and brief introduction point wise
  • Finctional/Business process flow with responsible and conditions
  • List of Reports to be geerated from system and its layout
  • Use case Diagram
  • User rights table
  • Testing Environment with demo data
  • Test Results
11> We will send SRS to client and he will modify it if required and revert us back. We will do modification in SRS as per his/her requirement and send back to client. Once client will signed the SRS we will commit the time frame. After signed the SRS if any changes or modification required by client will need to revise timeframe based on changes.


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