OpenERP Functional Memento

OpenERP Graphical presentation of business flow.


Unknown said…
Very good Memento, Thanks !
Krishna said…
Also need written contents not just GUI
Jiten Rangwala said…
Its very nice momento to understand the actual scenario behind the ERP systems.

Thanks to post this.
Jiten Rangwala said…
Yes, its very nice Functional memento for understand the actual scenario behind the ERP Systems.

poumtatalia said…
Hi there,
Very good memento, indeed! You wouldn't happen to have this diagram with a better definition by any chance?
Husen Daudi said…
Thanks All for complements,
I will try to define this diagram with some textual description or video presentation soon.
refsign said…
the picture is too small so I can't see it clearly. Pls forward to me in other way. Thanks Memento
Husen Daudi said…
Send me your mail_id so I can send you the main copy.

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