Vworker Profile of Serpent Consulting Services

Serpent Consulting Services specializes in business of providing custom application
development, offshore software outsourcing services, Support maintenance and migration
services and functional & technical trainings to its clients worldwide on open source tools
and technologies like OpenERP, Tryton, Alfresco, Magento, SugarCRM, Vtiger etc. Our
expertise lies in reducing costs and enhancing productivity by bringing the strategic
advantage of offshore software development to the very doorsteps of our customers in
more ways than one. By improving reliability, speed and agility, we enable our customers
to achieve sustainable differential advantage over their competitors. We are expertised in
providing highly cost effective solution through open source technology. Our resourceful
services include consulting, cost control, project planning, e-platform development,
database programming, trainings and support.

Every member of the Serpent Consulting Services works hard to maintain the label of
"One of the friendliest software companies on the planet."

We are a group of professionals who create and rely on personal working relationships to help
businesses achieve their goals. Listening to and understanding our customer needs allows us to
deliver high quality implementation practice, as well as support services that ensures their success.
We focus on specific industries to build the expertise necessary to provide exceptional products and
services. We recagnize employees as our greatest asset and encourage their personal and
professional growth.

Build a happier world of Open Source in IT industry.

• Medical Management Solutions
• Accounting & Finance Management
• Customer Relationship Management
• Inventory Management
• Human Resource Management
• Product Management
• Production and Manufacturing Management
• Project Management
• E-Commerce Integration
• Mobile Applications Development
• Document Management
• Web Designing & Content Management
• OpenERP Support
• OpenERP Migration
• OpenERP Offshore
• OpenERP Training

About Serpent Consulting Services OpenERP Suite
Our solutions are designed to help you keep your finger on the pulse of your business at
every moment of every day. So that even if the world goes topsy-turvy in the blink of an
eye, always you have complete command over your business. Serpent’s suite of
OpenERP products can help you to automate some of aspects of your business to create
a seamless set-up that is ever alert and vigilant. Serpent’s suite of OpenERP product are
comprehensive and has a wide scope and an easy user interface. It can become
productive, humming with efficiency, within a few quick days across your enterprise .

Light & Easy

Serpent’s suite of OpenERP products have a light footprint. They do not demand heavy
infrastructure and most often can work with existing systems. Your existing people can
deploy and start using OpenERP Suite immediately. Unlike traditional systems, you can
implement OpenERP Suite and go live within days without waiting interminable months
and incurring heavy costs.

Zero License Fees & Hitech Technology

Serpent’s suite of OpenERP products are built up in opensoft environment. We are using
Python and Postgrese SQL and both are fast developing free softwares. Suite of
OpenERP products uses the same technology used by Google, NASA and Honey well.
We have a team of 10 techno function experts in OpenERP to support our clients world
wide. We are providing onsite and remote support and trainings to our clients.

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