OpenERP POS for Restaurant/Cafe Shop

After tremendous responses of our last blog about POS we have made Personalised POS module for small restaurants and Cafe Shops.
This will manage orders per tables, manage occupied and available tables.
For more details visit the video. We appreciate your feedback and inputs.


Unknown said…
How to create Table Master.

Please advise
Husen Daudi said…
The module is developed by SerpentCS. If you need that feature you can contact us on skype : husen.daudi
Unknown said…
I'm really interested in the module of restaurant. I have already installed the system but the tables doesn't show on the POS menu. Why? How can it be showed?

Please give me more instructions.

Thanks in advances
Unknown said…
I have the system installed and the modules of the restaurant. But at the time to start a new table it doesn't appear on the POS. How can be the tables be showed on the POS screen?

Please help me .

Thanks in advance.
Husen Daudi said…
Hello Angel,

With OpenERP Version 7 we enhanced POS a lot and make it useful for restaurants and cafeshops.
Please check list of features here :

For more details you can contact us on :

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